For Gen Z, brand is what you share, not what you sell

Brands who want to win with youth should mine Gen Z’s creative impulse through mutually beneficial collaboration, as opposed to viewing GenZers simply as customers to serve.

To become a successful brand that shares, it is important to build a community that is more equal and less hierarchical.

This means empowering both internal and external leaders to contribute and shape the direction of the community. According to Get Together: How to Build a Community with Your People by People & Company, the focus should be less on defensively managing the community and more on creating other leaders who can help evolve it. Fostering a community that is based on shared goals and committing to its maintenance is essential for sharing and for maintaining a long-term relationship with Gen Z.

Every brand that shares has one thing in common: a community with which to share. A community is not a passive audience or list of followers, and it’s more than two-way dialogue: it’s two-way decisions.

In October, Ogilvy Consulting released “Gen Z Playbook” – a guide to building lasting bonds with Gen Z.

Brands need to design thoughtful, engaging, and creative opportunities that encourage shared ideation and longer-term partnerships for their community members.

Here's the download link if you’re interested in reading the paper.