Give me the boring design jobs

On his blog, Tobias van Schneider has written brilliantly about a topic I find pretty interesting: the so-called “boring design”.

“Boring design is focusing on the things that aren't seen or immediately appreciated, but can have an equal or even greater impact as 'the cool stuff'.


By doing so, you may in fact end up designing an award-winning Terms & Conditions page. One that reinvents the way we look at Terms & Conditions (usually a neglected page with walls of text nobody wants to read). One that's celebrated for years to come. And even if you're not changing the game, you will at the very least sleep well at night, because you as the designer gave it your very best. It's a mark of character and professionalism to apply your skills and love for detail across the board, seen or unseen.”

Boring design, in reality, is just design. It's just not the flashy kind. It might not be the kind that earns you standing ovations or followers online. But to me, it is as equally important as everything else. It's a matter of pride.

Personally, I would never have thought it would be challenging to design a technical sheet for a laxative or a campaign for a neonatal calf diarrhea vaccine. I was wrong.